Benefits of TR2 software

  • User friendly
  • Web based, no software needed on your computer
  • Suited for mobile devices, make incident analysis on the go
  • Includes a BOWTIE tool
  • Supported by experienced incident investigators
Tripod Beta analysis

Tripod Beta incident analysis method

Tripod Beta is an internationally renowned incident analysis method. Developed by the University of Leiden and the University of Manchester. The method is based on behavior analysis and has already been proven a succes for several decades.

Tripod Beta is the only method to actively find the direct causes and the underlying organizational causes for an incident.


Tripod Beta workshop

Our current two-day TRIPOD workshop is a good basis for independently starting with TRIPOD analyzes. This is sufficient for TRIPOD study participants. However, experience shows that additional guidance is desirable for those who conduct the studies.

Kuiper & Burger has developed a follow-up program, based on training "on the job", assisting, following and reviewing a number of analyzes after the first introductory training. This results in a qualification as a competent performer of TRIPOD analyzes (certificate).

Tripod Beta training

Who uses Tripod Beta?

Tripod Beta was developed in commission of the (petro) chemical industry (Shell). The method is applicable to other industries and organizations due to the general set up. The method can be used by any type of organization where an incident can occur.

Tripod Beta: difficult or easy?

The Tripod Beta analysis method is not difficult. It is easy to understand, but practice is recommended to correctly use the method and to get the best results. 

Tripod Beta is a logical, easy to understand method that provides insight into the occurred incident and visualizes organizational flaws.

TR2 Software application

The TR2 software will guide you through the analyses steps and provides a Tripod Beta Tree. By using the software the analysis is easier and faster. It also provides information that can be used for statistical analysis of the BRFs. Bowtie diagrams can also be made with the TR2 software.