The importance of thorough analysis of incidents and accidents is increasingly recognized. There is a growing realization that a good analysis of the underlying (mostly) organizational problems and the associated improvement measures is a precondition for operating safely. The TRIPOD beta method is one of the best methods for this.

Tripod Beta software

Due to the importance of TRIPOD and the increasing demand for knowledge and support with TRIPOD analyzes, we have set up interactive tools for you. Once you are logged in, you can download documents, get started with the TR2 TRIPOD software and register for a TRIPOD training or coaching trajectory.


The Tripod Beta method sets itself apart from other incident analysis methods because it uses the Human Behavior model used to find out why a barrier has failed. The Tripod Beta method is used to know three things: what was the sequence of the incident, how di dit happen and why have these barriers failed?

Our support

Kuiper & Burger provides support for companies that have started using the Tripod Beta method. Our support includes the following services: Tripod Beta analysis, support, downloads, coaching and workshops.

More information about our Tripod Beta software

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