TRIPOD beta is publicly available


Given the availability, simplicity and strength of the method, there is no reason not to get started right away.


Kuiper & Burger wants to help with that. After all, it's about increasing safety!



The TRIPOD incident analysis method (also called TRIPOD beta) is based on failing safety provisions. This is linked to the commonly used "bow tie model". The failing "protections / measures" are analyzed on direct causes, circumstances and underlying factors of the failure in the organization. The latter are called Latent Errors, a term from the books of Jim Reason (UK). The characterization in Basic Risk Factors (BRFs) also comes from him. All public sources.

The term TRIPOD comes from Shell (together with Leiden University), initially only for an audit / questionnaire method separate from incidents. It also made use of BRFs. This was called TRIPOD delta when the incident analysis method was published. It was then called TRIPOD beta. The only similarity is the use of the BRFs.

- TRIPOD delta uses questionnaires that are not available in the public domain.

- TRIPOD beta as a method for incident investigation is however fully publicly available.

Kuiper & Burger has developed its own web application software (with its own logo). Major advantages: No software needs to be installed and everyone in the company can use it via the internet (from all PCs with an internet connection). The ease of interactive use in a TRIPOD session benefits the quality of the analysis.

Our TRIPOD mission:

Lowering the threshold for optimal use of TRIPOD beta to learn better from incidents.

The following aspects play a role in this:

- Improving the incorrect image of the method (difficult, takes a lot of time). We can ensure that you will start working with it routinely and do not want anything else.

- Making software easily available that supports the strength of the method. For various reasons, the availability of software in companies is currently limited (costs, PC connectivity, ICT restrictions).

- Providing practical training, coaching and example cases. Setting up a TRIPOD knowledge desk for questions and reviews.


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