The beginning of the TR2 software

The Tripod Beta incident analysis software was created in 2009 by Chris Pietersen who was then director of Safety Solutions Consultants (SSC). Thanks to the strategic collaboration with Safety Solutions Consultants, Kuiper & Burger was able to offer the software and started realizing the ambition to become the expertise center in the field of Tripod incident analysis. In 2019 Chris Pietersen asked Kuiper & Burger to continue with the software

Who are we?

Kuiper & Burger Advies- en Ingenieursbureau was founded in 1994 by two college friends.  After five years of organic growth, the two friends started two new companies under the same trade name: Kuiper & Burger Advies- en Ingenieursbureau. Marco van de Pavoordt joined Kuiper & Burger as a consultant in 2001. After a number of years he became a senior advisor and in 2006 he became director and co-owner. ├ůsa Norrthon joined the company in 2011, after a few years she became a senior advisor and in 2015 she became director alongside Marco van de Pavoordt. She also became co-owner at the end of 2016. With their team of advisors they made the Tripod software into what it is today.

Experience in incident investigations

Marco van de Pavoordt started his first incident investigation in 2006 together with Chris Pietersen. During and after this investigation he was trained by Chris Pietersen in Tripod Beta incident analyses. Since then he has performed countless incident investigations at the behest of numerous clients. Over the years he trained several of his colleagues. He also specializes in masterclasses about the Tripod Beta method and workshops that provide a deeper knowledge into the Tripod Beta incident analysis method. He is also guest teacher at the University of applied sciences in Rotterdam, where he gives lectures about incident investigations using Tripod. 


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