A Bowtie as a model for the management of safety is becoming increasingly popular. Rightly so. It provides a convenient and logical structure for placing control measures (LODs) to prevent incidents from occurring. The method fits seamlessly with the Tripod incident analysis method. The latter, however, sets conditions for drawing up a Bowtie. The pitfall is that too many things are included in a Bowtie, to an extend that oversight is lost. This is facilitated by Bowtie software available on the market.

Our advice: limit yourself to the barriers (LODs) that you also include in a Tripod analysis when the scenario from the Bowtie actually takes place.Those are not, for example, design standards. This makes a Bowtie a model that can / must always play a role in incident analysis with Tripod. That is why the Bowtie model has also been included in our TR2 Tripod software since May 2014.


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