Kuiper & Burger provides support on request for companies that have started using the TRIPOD beta method. Support includes the following services:


TRIPOD beta analysis

Conducting a TRIPOD beta analysis of a relatively serious incident in collaboration with the company. One reason can be a lack of capacity, but also a desired independent character of the analysis.

TRIPOD beta support

Providing (periodic) advice on the quality of the analyzes and the need for (additional) training. Organizing a TRIPOD business day on a regular basis (for example twice a year): exchanging experiences, examples, etc.

TRIPOD beta downloads

Background information on applying the method is available from the tripod incident analysis website when you are logged in. New detailed cases will also be available here on a regular basis.

TRIPOD beta coaching

Kuiper & Burger also offers a coaching program. Click here for more information.

TRIPOD beta workshop

At Kuiper & Burger we provide regular training courses, you can also request company training courses for more information click here.


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